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Don't shut out the sun; shade it!
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About Awnings North East

After 25 years in the HVAC Industry, providing Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Technology to industrial, commercial and domestic clients, I realised that when Awnings and Air Conditioning are combined together, substantial energy savings result. This is due to the Awning shading the intense heat from the Sun (Solar Gain) and substantially reducing the amount of work (building heat load) an Air Conditioning Unit has to do to cool a room. about1
 Awnings North East was set up as a subsidiary company of APB  Services. Initially I ran both companies separately but then realised that  many of my customers were interested in total climate control. The  solution - to provide Awnings to reduce solar gain and specify  energy efficient Air Conditioning to cool and heat other areas of the  home or office.

An Awning can reduce up to 70% of solar gain thus reducing the cooling capacity/ energy required to cool the room. Whether you require a basic Awning, a Motorised Awning or a full climate control package, we can find the perfect solution.

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 Awnings North East, 6 Eskdale Close, Yarm, TS15 9UL